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The Dash Fintech Conference Lagos had over 200 partcipants. Industry leaders from the Fintech and Blockchain space in Africa were in Attendance. Participants learnt about Dash and Dash applications in real life such as the Dash Cart, Altsavings, Piiko and Bitrefill.

Intending Dash ambassadors also signed up. As at today, over 200 ambassadors have taken the required course on The ambassadors where then grouped into teams to work on solutions that would make Dash the most used cryptocurrency in Africa. Some of them would be working on creating technical applications, some were grouped into events and outreaches geared towards adoption, and others were grouped to follow up on existing plans for integrations and to create new ones. Some existing plans for integration ongoing with Luno, Uber, Bitpesa, Coindirect, Yellowcard, etc.

Dash has seen a massive rise in usage in Africa as Nigeria has been the country with the highest users of Dash to refill their phones for over 5 months this year.

Dash Africa is currently rolling out plans for more business integrations, adoption and remittances for Dash in Africa


Dash African Ambassador, responsible for the organisations activities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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