The launch took place at the Dash Fintech conference organised by Nathaniel Luz which took place in Lagos, Nigeria recently. Micheal Ogunseye, Dash Ambassador, Nigeria, who built the app, led participants at the event to testing the app. He said the app would allow people live off  Dash in Africa.


Dashcart builds a community where cryptocurrency can be used to purchase basic and every day needs in Africa. Dashcart citizens comprise the platform and range from impact investors to crypto owners in Africa. Dashcart brings multi-service providers to work for the benefits of the cryptocurrency owners. We hope by our little effort in the crypto space, cryptocurrency will be adopted so much we will start using the word “fund/money owners” instead of “cryptocurrency owners”

Services that can be purchased from the Dashcart include airtime, TV subscriptions, giftcards, and electricity bills.

The app can be downloaded from the google playstore here.


Dash African Ambassador, responsible for the organisations activities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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