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On the 24th of April 2018, Dashy Africa team in Ghana reach out to over 1000 students to introduce them to Dash. The program was one of a kind because we combined motivational presentation and financial presentation. Motivational speakers were brought on board to talk to the students about their future and how to discover their potential and build it whiles they are still in schools. The modules we discuss with the students were:
•Discover your potential whiles you still in school
•Financial freedom and life after school
•The impact of blockchain technology on the Ghanaian economy
•Cryptocurrency and Dash digital cash
The student found this interesting and ask many questions because it was the first time most of them heard about cryptocurrency. Zambang took the students through the impact of blockchain technology and it numerous functions. How Ghana can make use of the blockchain if adopted into the system because apart from its ledger function it can also be use by the country to issue land tittles to land owners and also companies can use the blockchain as well.
Cryptoris took them through cryptocurrency and Dash, introducing them to the evolution of money and how money is changing from centuries to centuries. We made them understand cryptocurrency is the future of money. We discussed bitcoin, how it started and the problems it faced, then introduced them to dash and compared it with bitcoin. The low cost of transaction fee, the instant send and the private send. These features make Dash outweigh any other cryptocurrency in the world. We also selected Ambassadors to represent Dash in the school.


Dash African Ambassador, responsible for the organisations activities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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