Another exciting episode of Dash4SHS was completed successfully by Cryptoris and his team. Over 300 Senior High School students were schooled about cryptocurrency and block chain technology. The future belong to the youths therefore if the  students are schooled then the cashless system we are aiming for can be achieved in no time. The students  perform remarkably when it got to questions and answers time and to our surprise some of them had heard of cryptocurrency, bitcoin to be precise but they didn’t fully understand the concept, what they only new about, was the online mini-importation function. The students were then made to understand more about cryptocurrency and how it evolve and benefits in holding cryptocurrency. We introduced Dash to them and explain it unique features that makes it the best currency among all the coins.
Free Dash notebooks were given to the students. The notebooks had an article to help them understand more about dash and answer some questions regarding it.
This will guide the student to learn more about dash digital cash and this will encourage their enthusiasm towards it adoption. The books were printed outside our budget just because we felt it was necessarily at that level to make students understand more about apart from talking to them about dash.


Dash African Ambassador, responsible for the organisations activities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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