Dashy Africa launches online academy to train Dash ambassadors all over Africa. This is in response to the growth of the user base of Dash in Africa. More hands are needed to promote Dash in several African countries more importantly, capable hands.

According to Nathaniel Luz, Director of Dashy Africa, this program would filter the application process and ensure that the best of candidates are offered the opportunity and resources to be advocates in their countries.

Courses ranging from Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Dash, to Leadership, Events planning, and Networking would be offered and there would be evaluations ranging from assignments and interviews to hosting local meetups before participants are officially certified as Dash Ambassadors.

Final evaluations would be approved by Nathan Ewart, and the Instant Karma Fund Board which provides oversight for this project.


Dash African Ambassador, responsible for the organisations activities in Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone, Kenya, Uganda and other parts of Africa.

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  1. Kusi May 3, 2018

    We building dashy Africa together. Am about 6 month now in Dash wl be glad to be an ambassador for this noble crypto coin .

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